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     I just downloaded the new maps that came out yesterday. After downloading, I knew people had trouble with them so I went straight to private match to see if it was working. When I go and try to load one up the screen goes black for 10 seconds and I get an error message saying, "no memory 5" Then I just went to the ELITE playlist to see if they work online, and they did. How does that make sense?

     So, im like alright, I go to spec ops, and it won't even let me into the menu. It tells me to go to Multiplayer>Store and download it. I've already downloaded everything and now, I can't play the spec ops/ survival missions I had before or the new ones.

Cmon IW/Sledgehammer I paid for this and I can't even play on the new maps even though I have them downloaded.

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Cmon Man !!!

Didnt you see the sticky at the top of this forum ?

But seriously. Read some of my posts in there for a solution that might work.

short version.

"Jumpstart" the maps by loading a regular map . THEN load one of the new maps.

Until the fix you may have to do that every time you start MW3. But it DOES jumpstart the maps for all gametypes. At least for me.

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