CARBON TACTICS GAMING IS RECRUTING! PS3 and Xbox; Gold clan tags on both systems!

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Here at [CTG] Carbon Tactics Gaming, we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking for members who are mature (no raging over the mic to opponents), who are willing to attempt to work together as a team and who are looking to join a clan who wants to build more than just your gaming skills, but build friendships amongst people across the world. We have forums dedicated to our clan and are always active!

To join CTG, you must submit an application at, and if approved you will go through an evaluation process, where you will become a 'prospect' and you will need to 'befriend' all of us as will we do the same. The evaluation period will last 2 weeks and possibly longer. We will assess your gaming style (teamplayer), forum activity, how you communicate, how mature you are and most importantly, if you have befriended us and your forum/chat activity. We are looking for more of a 'brotherhood' that is dedicated to the clan and very active. You will play/chat mainly with our First Lieutenants and they, along with the higher ranks will vote on your entrance into the clan/family, after 2 weeks.

- Age Limit: 16+
- Must have at least free COD ELITE
- Microphone: Required to join
- Stat Requirements: None, just enjoy yourself
- Continent: Will take players from all over the Globe
- Times we play: All hours of the day/night
- Preferred Game Mode: Any
- Great advancement opportunities
- Inter clan battles and competitions
- Gamebattles
- Gold Clan Tags
- Who referred you: GRAW95
- Clan website:

Questions? Message me on PS3, or on our website; Username/PSN GRAW95

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