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Hey COD Gamers

So to everyone that has been asking this post is for you also everyone else that may like to know =)

Anyways yes you can pay for Call Of Duty: Elite on Xbox Live using MSP "Microsoft Points" OR using money if you wish to have it renew its self every year just like XBL Gold

OK below are two images wont say were I got them from but that does not matter just know they are real.

So ya just letting you all know that you can in fact Pay for COD Elite using MSP it will cost you 4,000 MSP but you can still do it lol.
enjoy later this month I will have more info on this and screenshots so be on the look out for them they wont be on here they will be on other site. which when i have the images I will link to that site =)

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nice find bro! pretty damn pricey(Referring to the Microsoft Points)! lol I'm glad i'm gonna get H.E. instead if htere's any left at my wal-mart lol

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