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COD: Ghosts Ideas (MW4)

Well many of you might complain about this but here's my idea.

Activision and Treyarch should work on this one together. It'll make it more better! Add a zombies mode??

Not like Black Ops Zombies, though. Make them scary and more realistic. Make them have that look; Black Ops 2 Zombie mixed with any ordinary zombie. That''ll be epic as heck! Especially in the Modern Warfare graphics too! This should be the final COD game! Don't make Black Ops 3 later on, or make MW5. I think Activision and Treyarch should work together on "Call of Duty: Ghosts". It should be epic. And it should take place in the future where everything is robotic and computerized. And there's weapons that shoot lazers and normal weapons that we have today. Anyways yeah the 2 companies should come together and make this game worth it! And the campaign should be long! They go to war with robots and some other country. Then, the enemy throws in some gas or nova gas that starts an infection. And it makes people go mental OR turn them in to a zombie. And people with arms missing get robot arms. And it should be a humongous war! Like a dictator or something that does some evil shit. Like, Hitler Jr. Or some stuff  lmao ! ;p Im just playing, hitler don't have a son -.-. But yeah this game should amazing! And i heard they will get rid of survival mode D;. That's why they should make a zombies mode. Call of Duty Warfare Ops x) Just kidding lol. But i''m being serious, that'll be a great idea if Activision teamed up with Treyarch.

Give me your ideas. Bye! Hope Activision sees this. P.S. add me on Xbox Live - EpicAngel00.  And this game should be for WiiU and 3DS since they have black ops 2 for the wii u. And i was pretty surprised when i played it. It was great. Well...Bye guys!

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Re: COD: Ghosts Ideas (MW4)

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I liked the idea of the zombies thing, but I enjoy survival loads more then zombies they just need more ideas to help survival better like more support like a Juggernaut squad or an attack chopper to help out aswell as to drop the enemy choppers in survival.

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Re: COD: Ghosts Ideas (MW4)

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been seeing on alot of other forums people hoping the next COD will fail and so on, I dont understand it, as gamers dont we just want a good game to play rather than wanting it to fail?

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Re: COD: Ghosts Ideas (MW4)

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Personally I don’t want COD to fail but Infinity Ward needs
to fire some of their developers. People whine about getting killed by
something so they nerf it. Let’s make all the equipment, perks and kills
streaks useless so that everyone runs around with a submachine gun. I see by
some of the Ghost trailers they have done that again.

People don’t like the ghost perk so split it into 3 and make
it useless. Now UAVs are too powerful and overused and since nobody carries a
stinger let’s fix the problem created by placing them on the ground. The aerial
kill streaks are to powerful so remove them. If very few people carried
stingers before nobody will anymore so why even have a stinger. They probably
don’t anymore.

We have sitrep but because some people don’t like getting
killed by claymores we nerf them to the point of being useless in MW3 and it
appears we remove them in Ghost altogether. People don’t like being killed by
frags so we nerf them. On top of that lets nerf scavenger so that you only replenish

Was one man army and dual weapons a bad idea yes but if you
make a weapon, perk or kill streak so useless nobody uses it, don’t boast about
the useless equipment, perks and kills streaks you added to the game. If nobody
uses a weapon, perk, or kill streaks it’s because the developers screwed up. They
reason MW2 was so successful is because of the variety of equipment, perks and kills
streaks people used that allowed them to use different tactics.

Now here is what the developers should have done. Too many
UAV don’t nerf ghost anymore and make it an aerial kill streak for the support
class only. Finally a reason to pick a support class.

Newbtubing a problem in MW2, don’t bring back OMA and don’t replenish
grenade launchers with scavenger.

Make scavenger a useful perk again by making it replenish frags
and claymore and make frags and claymore deadly again. Other than people who
got it in specialist class, it was rarely used.

Stop removing the better aerial kill streaks. If they were
too powerful everyone would be carrying a stinger but if you still think it
needs to be better balanced make scavenger replenish stingers. Instead of
nerfing stuff, give players a reason to use the all the equipment, perks and kills
streaks not just the submachine guns. If you make your game for only 1 type of
player that’s the only player you will get to play it.

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Re: COD: Ghosts Ideas (MW4)

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Call of Duty: Ghosts' Ending Sets Up Potential Game-Changer Sequel | Game Front

First of all, I thought Call of Duty: Ghosts was okay. It comes 5th in my list of top COD games, with MW3 at 4th, then MW2 at 3rd, then BO at 2nd, then BO2 at #1st. But, if they do what Phil Owen suggests should happen, it would be a game changer. But they really need to improve multiplayer. MW2 is still the most addicting IW multiplayer, for me. Take cues from Treyarch, like Sledgehammer did and mix in your own (risky yet innovative) ideas. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks and sounds like the next gen CoD that should have kicked off next gen. But this Ghosts 2 story idea would be a great leap forward for IW in story telling terms. It's logical

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