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CQC, Short, Medium, Long

I am curious as to what each player considers those to mean in this game.

At what range do you call it close quarters?

At what range do you call it short range?

At what range do you call it medium range?

At what range do you call it long range?

Do you think the terms apply to each weapon exactly the same?

Or is one weapons short range another weapons medium or long range and vice versa?

I ask this because I have seen several videos where people claim to be using them at a short range. Yet when used that is really the guns long range so will not perform as well as it would at its true short range for that class of weapons and how they are in this game.

So speak up people do you agree with the stat bars on the screen and what it shows? does those bars mean the same for all weapons or is that bar only to be used when compairing it to other weapons within its own class and not out of other classes?

So is a pistols short range the same as a smgs, or is the smgs short range actually further and would be the pistols medium or long range? So are the bars accurate or just a tool to give an equivalent and not a exact measurement of range that a weapon can work when compared to every other weapon in the game?

When replying please use both american measurement and metric measurment so people understand the differences between the two. ie; 10 meters= about 30 feet.

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Re: CQC, Short, Medium, Long

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I think it would be useful to picture certain weapons we ar familiar with, the pp90m1 damage falls off fully at 20 (60ft) metres, and I would say 20 (60ft) metres is in medium short range. 15 (45ft) metres is short ranged, where the pp starts to drop off, and 12 metres is generally the area where shotguns start to really lose their shot strength. 12-20 (36ft-60ft) is short ranged, 0-12 (36ft) is CQC.

Another weapon, the type 95, starts to lose it's 2 shot capability at 24 metres (72ft), and loses all it's strength, falling to a 5 shot kill at about 37 (111ft) m, so I would argue that 20-37 (60ft-111ft) is about medium range. Medium long would go to about 60 m (180ft) if we need that classification, assault rifles start to lose out to LMGs and Snipers after medium range, and LMGs lose out to snipers probably past 60 metres (180ft) or so.

In short:

CQC: 0-12m (36ft)

Short:12-20m (36ft-60ft)

Medium: 20-37m (60ft-111ft)

Medium long: 37-60m

Long: <60m (180ft)

So, anything below 37m (111ft) for a sniper would be considered short range for that gun, anything below 20 m (60ft) would be short ranged for the AR, anything outside the 12 m (35ft) zone for shotties is iffy, anything inside 20m (60ft) for SMGs is all good because let's face it shotguns are a joke, and anything outside 20m (60ft) for an smg is long ranged for it.

There are of course discrepancies withing categories, UMP has a little more range, the Scar-L and M4A1 have a steeper damage drop off and the drop off happens sooner for these guns, The Mk-14 can go out to 60m (180ft) no problem but do have troubles inside say 28m (84ft). And the LMGs can actually perform well within say the 15-20m (45ft-60ft) zone compared to ARs because of a superior fire rate to assault rifles, although they do work best 30m (90ft) plus.  You mentioned pistols, the weak powered ones full off completely to base at around 12m, so these are CQC only, the more powerful ones I tihnk go to 20 m before falling to base, but I really would not use them pas 12m because of the visual kick + recoil associated with those particular guns.

I think this is the explanation you were looking for.

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Re: CQC, Short, Medium, Long

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I couldn't sit here and tell you what I picture to be the exact point where medium range combat turns into long range combat.  I just use common sense.

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