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Hey, Guys Another Question This Is In My Head For A While Will Call Of Duty Future Warfare be the Sequel of Modern Warfare ?

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Oh god that has the potential to be very good or a disaster. When you said "Future Warfare" for some reason, I immediately thought of the game Perfect Dark. That game was futuresc. They also had a "Laptop gun" which had a secondary use as a sentry gun on crack! You could place it anywhere on the map. Also, the FMG reminds of that gun too....hmmmm. Well, we won't know until we see what direction they are headed.

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when he says future warfare i actually think more of BF 2142 which was one of my favioute games on the PC mostly because while being set in the future everything in it was still conventional weapony/equipment I.E. all guns where still balistic weapons (not laser rifles) that shot bullets infact the most advanced thing in the game wat the titens (floating aircraft carrier) and the shields on them and maby the railgun emplacements.

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I Could See That Coming

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