Call Of Duty: Ghost?

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Call Of Duty: Ghost?

Yea, I'm sure I'm not alone in hearing the rumor about IW's next version of COD. Whatever it is, I hope it's better then Black Ops 2.

I'm sorry but I can't stand BO2. It's by far, the worst COD I've ever played. Like BO1, it's extremely laggy. No, it's not my connection.

I've never experienced this much lag ever before on COD. My connection has never been faster and cleaner, then it is now.

- Whatever IW does with the next COD, please make bigger maps.

- Please don't make handguns more powerful then machine guns, like they are on BO2.

- Please make spawning more reliable and "safer" then BO2.

- Please stop making tiny maps. I already have a stamp collection.

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