Call of Duty: MW3 Community Game Night - Friday, November 1st

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Hello Call of Duty Community and Happy Halloween to you all

This Friday, November 1st, myself and some fellow community members will be hosting a Community Game Night on Xbox LIVE on Modern Warfare 3 at 9PM BST. We are also planning a Halloween kickback tonight at 9PM BST so grab your treats and join us for some Groundwar in Public match.

We'll be playing a variety of different modes - including some Domination, FFA, Infected, Demolition, and anything the community may suggest in playing.

To join, message one of the following hosts on Xbox LIVE and we'll get you in as soon as possible. The lobby opens at 9PM BST so be sure to send a message to one of us.

XBL: Grim Reaper JC

XBL: pollydolly1

XBL: Gawghels

XBL: DFlannagan10

XBL: Cpt Rutger

Stay tuned to @InfinityWard, @Teanah and @candyslexia on Twitter for updates on their upcoming title, Call of Duty: Ghosts. For CGN event updates, follow hosts @GrimReaperBAN, @PollydollyNo1, @I_am_Goggles, @FlannaganTW, and @Cpt_Rutger.

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