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MW3 MP is a fantastic game

...with the same worst problem MW2 once (and still) have had.

“How is Modern Warfare 3 on PC handling anti-cheat?

Security is a major focus for Modern Warfare 3, … … “

I spent more than 1.400 hrs. with MW2 MP and reached the same amount of playtime also in MW3 ( and I am still not done yet!) and to my personal view, all these cheats look and seem to work the same way like in MW2 years before!!? We suffer since MW2 badly...

PLEASE find a way to solve this specific, bloodi and sad problem: cheaters!

It’s a pretty old story AND still a problem in CoD series!

Forums are filled with good, acceptable und logic ideas/solutions. Is it really that hard to fight these unfair peoples for such a big company? Be sure clean players will support every positive aspects inside the game to avoid cheater-contact...

We can do it!

So please –IW- keep that in mind for MW4 ! ;>

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Here is how it is going to be:

1. They fix teir games (MW2, MW3)

2. We play the game like we were supposed to play it when we bought it.

3. We buy the new game

4. We play the new game.

If point 1 is not done there will be no 2, 3 or 4 ... so ... the ball is in IWs hands ... eighter they fix the games, or we will not buy the next ones ... so simple ...

Since I stopped playing CoD over an year ago I found out that there are other FPS shooters way, way better than and MW or BO game ever made and without cheaters ...

So ... screw Activision ...

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