Call of Duty gives me "battered wife syndrome", how about you?

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Almost every time I play Call of Duty I seem to get really angry, usually from dying.  I'll be playing for a while and then I'll have a couple of what I feel are b.s. deaths in a row and I start to get mad and it just snowballs from there.  It gets to the point where I want to throw my controller and I stop playing.  Then I tell myself that I'm never going to play the game again.  Why play the game if it makes me so angry?  But then there I am the next day playing it again. 

Is anyone else like this, and what is it that keeps bringing me back?  I don't play with a lot of people so it's not like that's what keeps making me play.  I feel like the game is a drug in a way.  I want to experience that "high" of doing really well when you just go on a rush and are almost invincible for a short time.  But in order to get that "high" I have to put up with the extreme lows as well.

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I hear ya. I have gotten so angry over nothing that I have thrown my $90 headset...twice...My wife just looks at me and says..."Feel better". Lol. There are some good times to be had, but like you said..."You have to put up with some lows" I think I keep going back so I can get to the next prestige, even though I have said I am probably not going to do it again. Lol. That and I work swings, so there is not much else to do when kids are at school wife is at work.

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LMAO I feel both you, the pain man wish sometimes it was a person I could choke the shit out it

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The game prey's on your competitive nature.  I think you're like me  and you probably need an intervention. 

It's like the ring from Lord of the Rings.  I think I need someone to just eject the disc from my xbox and crack it and half.  Because I can't do it.  "My precious..."

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Well... the worst part is that I got the game for my birthday last year and I decided I had enough and traded it in.  And then I bought it again.  So I probably do need help...

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I'm competitive with CoD, but I never really get angry. I rage alot out of humor to make my friends laugh, but the most I ever get is annoyed.

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This game makes me pissed off at times, but not because of how other people are playing, its the complete frustration of knowing you're fighting lag, not other people.

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Why did you have to use the unpolitically correct "battered wife syndrome" ?

How about battered pets, battered husbands, battered second cousins, battered blind dates, and battered chicken in a white wine sauce .

BTW battered blind dates is usually justified

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Agreed, easy to get annoyed with this game, I think 99% of the problem for me is the connection.

If players are better than me, thats fine. Nothing better than getting spanked by a lord, might even learn something.

For me the best way to manage it is to realise when your connection/lag is not going to allow you to have a fair game, and back out and try and get a game with a better connection. And lately, if that fails, fire up BLOPs and try that.

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