Can you be Suspended or Banned for TEAMKILLING?

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i would like an OFFICIAL answer from IW robert bowling or Sledgehammer's customer representative. Activision added teamkilling back into the game like in Call of Duty 4. In hardcore modes you can teamkill people again. i paid $60 to Activision for this game because i enjoy teamkilling. this is a Game. a toy. i want to play it how i like to play it for fun. in a game that focuses on killing people, i like to kill my team instead of the other people on another team. its a choice of how you like to play the game you bought. now, if i teamkill i am NOT breaking terms of use, this is not hacking or cheating or glitching. being able to kill Team members is an added FEATURE in the game, it states so in Hardcore that friendly fire was enabled by the developers. therefore i focus my fire on the team members. let me know if Teamkilling will get you suspended or banned like hacking and glitching gets you banned. Teamkilling was INCLUDED in this game i bought. is it illegal to play the game how you like while being inside the paramters of TOS rules?

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Is it not one of the challenges? to kill an entitre team within 10seconds of game start?

Can think of anywhere else this could be done.....

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it could be done in Call of Duty 4. now IW and Sledgehammer added it back, no wonder they sold 6.5 MILLION copies in 1 Day. Activision told them to add it back, which drew tons of former TeamKillers back into the Series. Robert Kotick knows what the fans want. I thank Activision cause they probably pressured IW to add Teamkilling again.

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The challenge is to kill every member of the ENEMY team in 10 seconds, not the first ten seconds. It's not impossible, Ive done it. Maybe it is impossible for you, as every teamkiller i know is just straight terrible at killing people who are shooting back

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u *****ing jew ur so retarded do u not understand that teamkilling is what they like? y the ***** r u so retarded like go kill urself in cod and in real life u ni🅱️🅱️er

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Who cares if they ban you  for it? The logical solution if you're trying to get that kind of pathetic cheap thrill, is to make an alternate throw away account just for team killing. If my time wasn't so valueble, I might have fun for a few games, but teamkilling is lame and gets old fast.

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Hillarious op, I lol'd.

I don't play HC myself, but yeah, I'd say kill away, you won't be banned.

What are the disadvantages?

* Do you get negative points?

* Does it count as a kill for the other team?

* Do you get a respawn time if you kill a few of your team mates?

* Does it count as a kill for you?

I'd be interested to know the answers to these questions if you don't mind.

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There is a penalty for team killing so I would think it would be frowned upon. I wouldn't put it past them to ban you if you were reported.

BTW what kind of idiot gets off on TKing? Isn't the object of any game to win? So why would you intend to lose?

I guess hiding behind a video game to get your jollies is acceptable for you because if you did something like this out in public you would get the sh1t kicked out of you!

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Well, if you really examine your statements... Most people are "hiding behind a video game to get (their) jollies" but instead of teamkilling, they are using their so called 'skill' (which is laughable in COD). Many people use their stats to get their "jollies" in arguements with random strangers. So it seems like this guy just decided to do it the easiest way possible. Maybe in a better game, with less campers and a more mature fanbase, I might care. In this game, I laugh at the victims of this guy because hardcore is full of camping b*tches that deserve it.

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you wanna kill teamates go to PM and all you and you friend go on the same team and kill each other cuz that shit is dumb and pointless just making everyone else piss off. so hey i think it should be more than just a account ban. one in a while its funny buy you guys go way to far with it its just stupid

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