Can you be Suspended or Banned for TEAMKILLING?

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you wanna kill teamates go to PM and all you and you friend go on the same team and kill each other cuz that shit is dumb and pointless just making everyone else piss off. so hey i think it should be more than just a account ban. one in a while its funny buy you guys go way to far with it its just stupid

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I seriously hope this is a joke thread, if not then yes, you should be banned because you are willfully and with malicious intent trying to ruin the game for the people playing.

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You should be. Your argument is flawed. More ppl bought the game to play the correct way and TKing is not the correct way. You can waste your money instead of wasting ours.

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I play nothing but Hardcore now, its more challenging to me. Team killing is a big annoyance to me. There was another thread on this that had some pretty good ideas for in match pentalties. Right now the only recourse is that you die after the 2nd team kill and if you keep doing it you get more spawn time "friendly fire will not be tolerated" message. However what some guys doe (due to shitty match making system) is they leave the the match and go back to find games and are immediately thrown back into the match  where they can start team killing over. Here is a video i made of a recent match that shows just this. I dont think banning or suspension is necessary, just a tweeking of the inmatch penalties for friendly fire. If someone reports you for it and it is proven maybe you should get a special color on your PSN name before matches.

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The problem with that would be that those that left the game because of this would be penalized for leaving a match though.

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@ OP, get a life seriously. I dont think that you should be banned, I think IW should just fix it so retards like you cant team kill. No need to ban you really, retards like you will have retarded children to deal with some day. Thats punishment enought imo

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Two words - Hardcore Ricochet...

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Bowling tweeted yesterday, they are looking at what they can do to stop it.  Most likely they will introduce some form of ricochet.

Updated -

Just checked todays tweets and...

Finalizing the last set of MW3 updates before the Holiday break. We plan to get out a Lag Compensation update & introduce Hardcore Ricochet.

Hopefully the OP will enjoy

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Nice, thanks senna. I dont have twitter, but im so glad they are doing something about this finally

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You dont need to be a member to read others posts on Twitter.  I just go to and read the days twits, sorry tweets.  I don't like Twitter so I dont have an account and wouldn't use it but it is a good way to keep up to date on MW3.

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