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Cannot join a Clan


I am trying to join my friend's clan on cod elite.  Whenever he goes to accept my application, it says that something went wrong.  Also, when he attempts to invite me to the clan, and i accept, there is an error on my end. 

Can someone help me fix this problem?



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Re: Cannot join a Clan

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ya its been messed up awile iv heard if u play mw3 a few games to register stats on here it sometimes  lets u in the clan or im hoping they will fix it now for ghosts  you guys are welcome to try mine to get in like im telln all my members your welcome to link up and just play till it gets fixed and we can get u in officially eather way wish u luck

SLAM SQUAD for ghosts and $lam $quad on b ops just search clan and apply hope to  see u add me on psn JAKE_mrx

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