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redx165 wrote:

So some of my friends and even some random people were talking about how you could change kill confirmed. The idea is you dont get the kill or kill streak point unless you get the dog tag. That would make less people camp. If you didnt kill the person but you pick up the dog tag you get a assist. If using Hardline two assist would give you a point for a killstreak. But if the player doesnt go for the dog tag and his friends gets it then he wont get the kill. The dog tag will be time for lets say 20-30 seconds for the guy who killed him and after that time you wont get a kill but a assist. The dog tag stays up for 40-45 seconds for anyone to get. Also give the person more xp if they get the dog tag so people would rather run then camp.



That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I don't know about this. I love Kill Confirmed and I'm a dog tag go getter whether it's mine or yours. I just try to prevent the enemy from winning.

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you are doing this to stop camping on KC. Well when i run past a corner camper and get shot in the back from 2ft away, 99/100 he gets up from prone takes 2 steps forward grabs the tag and returns back to his position. Cant see how being forced into getting the tag helps anything to do with campers. Snipers maybe. campers no

When i shot you in the head and you die i get a kill regardless of tag, objective etc so not getting a kill for a kill ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! yeah i like the sound of this new revamped KC!!

Also a tag lying about to a degree encourages camping.. Ooo theres a tag ima wait, someone from their team or villian will be along to collect it soon. bam rinse and repeat above steps!

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lol this one is funny but i agree with u this will infact encourage campin g cuz all u have to do is wait for some1 to collect a dogtag to get his killstreak but guess wat hes gonna get shot in the back

i can explain it to u but i cant understand it for u

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The only thing that should be changed in Kill Confirmed I think, is the use of TAC INSERT.  Too many people just Tac insert, then camp it so they get kills, plus collect their own Red dog tag, giving them major points in the match. 

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I hate when they tac insert their own tags. That shit is hella retahded.

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If your idea is implemented, the exact opposite of what happens now will happen. For example:

NOW: Player kills enemy. Player camps enemy's tag waiting for enemy to return. Player kills enemy again.

THEN: Player kills enemy. Enemy teammate sees "death symbol" and camps teammate's tag waiting for player to pick up tag. Enemy teammate kills player.

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I am all for this. 100% agree

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