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So some of my friends and even some random people were talking about how you could change kill confirmed. The idea is you dont get the kill or kill streak point unless you get the dog tag. That would make less people camp. If you didnt kill the person but you pick up the dog tag you get a assist. If using Hardline two assist would give you a point for a killstreak. But if the player doesnt go for the dog tag and his friends gets it then he wont get the kill. The dog tag will be time for lets say 20-30 seconds for the guy who killed him and after that time you wont get a kill but a assist. The dog tag stays up for 40-45 seconds for anyone to get. Also give the person more xp if they get the dog tag so people would rather run then camp.


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This idea would basically destroy the game mode.  I like playing kill confirmed and think it is fine the way it is. People are gonna play how others don't like. It's the nature of the beast. I don't like campers, but people camp. People don't like run-n-gun, but I run-n-gun. You can't please everyone at the same time.

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I only say that cause of a game I play yesterday. He said whats the point of running to get the dog tags. My team does it for me. I always thought that infinity Ward made that game mode to have people run and gun more. Thats the whole point of them showing it. I dont know if it was COD XP or E3 2011 but they said its more for runners and gunners.


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I know that is how they promoted the mode, but that is not how it ended up. Yes you run into those guys from time time. Some teams operate like that all the time. If you confirm your own kill you get all the points. If someone else confirms the kill you still get all the points while the other guy gets a few points too. Works out for everyone. I am not defending one style of play over the other. I myself will confirm my own kills.

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I think KC is fine as it is the tag system they have in place is pretty fair doing it the way you suggest would disolve any element of teamwork. It might even have the opposite effect of increasing the campin as running out in the open isn't rewarded just sit back let a couple fight it out then sweep in for the tags.

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KC is fine as is, and I wish people who seldom play it would stop trying to change game modes they don't even play

Nothing will ever change camping, it's a play style and people choose to do it no matter what game mode. No changes will stop camping.

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I also think KC is fine as it is. Need work put iin on leveling a gun? Can play KC and get more kills while bypassing tags. As long as you don't ignore tags to the point of losing the match, I see no problem with anyone's gameplay style.

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I play pretty much only KC, and i like it how it is...theres no kills limit so to speak, so it is better than TDM for me anyways.

The thing is, if i shoot someone across the map and im not running hardline, i'll just have alot of assists.

Speaking from experience, some tags are not worth collecting or denying...that being said if the scores tight, i will trade my life/tag if theres a group of red/gold tags hanging about

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to tell u the truth ur way of kc will not work wat ur saying is  if a sniper kills someone across the map he wont get a killstreak unless he runs across the map and gets it this will promote camping HEHEHEHEHEHE

I can explain it to u but i cant understand it for u.

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Lol I guess I am the only one that likes the idea. Kill Confirmed is a new thing so the devs are probably looking for feedback on it anyway. I like Kill Confirmed but there are things about it I don't like. I'm in favor of removing the tac insert from it. I think it would be a good incentive to make it so you have to get the tags otherwise you don't get the kill. I've actually lost by a couple points just because teammates were only going for kills and not getting the tags.

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