Cheaters and modders becoming more and more of a problem.

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At least twenty times in the past month, I have encountered invisible players, godded players, aimbotting players, wallhacking players, etc, and it is only getting worse. WHEN WILL YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!? I have reported these people so many times, I am truly shocked by the complete lack of response! Activision needs to implement something that results in an immediate console ban if a cheat or modded hardware is detected in the online servers! Just today, a player with the gamertag MyGunUrFac3 was using God mode to win the games. This is not the first time he has used cheats, and it is not the first encounter I have had. You must take a more active approach to this, rather than just twiddling your damned thumbs like "Oh, here's a cheater report. We'll just leave it to microsoft to get rid of him." Come on people, you should be better than this! Oh, and I don't freaking care if you don't want to support the game anymore, as long as people play it online, you should have a damned team to monitor these things!

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