Clan baised game modes..

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We all have the piss poor matchmaking problems, 1-2 sec behind enemy's sync issues etc etc.. but why is it really as bad as it is..

Is it the matchmaking, is it the lag comp, is it a mix off both?

Elite has brought players together that may otherwise have never crossed paths... these players are so widespread now the matchmaking and lag comp has a real fight on its hands which ends usually in a 1 sided lobbie where you are either on the good side off lag comp.. or the bad.. it really is nothing to do with who is the best player..

If they are going to continue down this path off bringing people from all over the country / world together would it be plausible to adapt the playlists..?


Clan TDM, 3+ party only, DOM 3+ party only..

I think we get the idea.. to play these modes you must have 3 or more people in your party.. All other modes should be restricted to solo play or 2 man max party. Having it like this might de stress the matchmaking and actually help find more appropriate games, after all there's many a thread about how solo play is often allot better than partying up..

Just an idea.. as they need to do something... the current method is not working.!!

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Has it been another bad night for MW3??

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since last update this game unplayble feels like i 2 seconds bihind everyone, i playing 800 + h mw3 but last week is horroble!!!!!!

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I prefer playing with friends because if you are doing horrible at least you can joke about it with them and still have a good time. Lag has its ups and downs for me.

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