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I'm sure that this has been covered but I have not heard anything about CoD Points, are they coming back? In addition are Contracts coming back? Contracts would not have to reward CoD points as some of them in Black Ops rewarded XP.

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I'm 95% CoD points aren't returning. I don't know about contracts though - I suppose they would work with XP only but again I have no idea.

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COD Points & Contracts was a Black Ops feature so no contracts and COD Points in MW3

MW3 has a completely new levelling up system which includes levelling up your weapon.

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The above user is correct, COD Points will not be returning to Modern Warfare 3 MP, however Spec Ops Survival Mode uses points earned in-game to purchase new weapons, air support, etc.

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100% certain COD points are not coming back MW3. I have heard there is something similar to contracts but you won't get cP...

I'm sorta dreading the old unlock and have to use a weapon to the attachments...

... gonna feel like a grind again.

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I loved the grind to unlock attachments, camos and title/emblems back in MW2.

It was more of a challenge and encouraged players to use a variety of attachments & weapons when I played MW2 multiplayer.

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That was perhaps the only thing I liked about cP.

Other than that, I really just found them to hinder how quickly I was able to get where I wanted to be.

For the first 20 levels or so, I find myself spending every single point I can, as soon as I can. but after that, it's pretty much useless. it's not uncommon for me to prestige with 150k+ points.

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Only currency system in MW3 will be in Survival. MP is back to the old way of unlocking things.

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