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What are some you'd like to see your teammates practice.
Mine is calling out when you're trying to gamble on obtaining an enemy CP. Today I was running past a guy who was trying to hijack a crate and he not only blew me up, but one other person

Pick up my Balistic Vests

Don't use DMH or FMG9s

Call out enemy positions. Especially when you're in a Reaper or AC-130

Let your teammate pick up their own tag
If someone says they're close to a MOAB ease up on the killing

If someone just died, deny the kill

Call out when you're capping the 3rd flah to let your team know the spawns will flip

Be smart when airsupport is up, if you can't shoot it down take cover

Don't be a douche on the mic, it's just a game. Also don't blare your music

If you have Blind-Eye and a Stinger, use them to shoot stuff down

Don't stand in front of me while I'm shooting

If I'm trying to cap a flag, help me out

Don't let me die before you decide to shoot the enemy

Don't stand in doorways and block everyone in

If you don't have Blind-Eye stay away from me

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Accepted Solutions
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WHen playing domination:

- Have the smarts to play like the rest of you team and stop trying to 3-cap when there is no need

- Conversely, when you have such a lead that you may as well go for the complete doimnation, let your team know you are going into the enmy spawn so your team knows that someone may be spawning behind them (if you ever wondered how you went from easily holding 2 flags to being dominated in 10 seconds, someone on your team did it to you)

HC games:

Stop running in front of your teammates line of fire

Anygame, core mode:

- If you are ging to run in front of someone's line of fire, pay attention to where (s)he was shooting and help them take out the enemy instead of only blocking their view so you both get killed.

- Stop trying to go for a knife kill when shooting at the person would have killed themfaster, thus preventing your teammate from dying (e.g. go for the rescue, and not the revenge)

Anygame mode:

- Don't stand in doorways

- Don't line prone in doorways

- Don't run to the objective and stop to look at it (you will likely get shot anyways, and by stoping you just blocked your teammates and gave the enemy a multi-kill)

- Cap the flags!

- TDM/FFA : killwhore; Objective game modes : PTFO! (no one wants to watch your beasting-I-ignored-the-objective-look-at-my-MOAB youtube vid)

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Don't stand in doorways. It's not just common courtesy, its common sense

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Thank you, you also reminded me of something

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i had the same thing yesterday....idiot opens op a osprey gunner and me and another guy died -.-

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I like to have at least one class with sit-rep. So I always alert teammates of portable radars, care package traps, etc. Even if I try to take a portable radar out, but die in the process, I give my teammates a headsup.

If people could do the same, we have a better chance at winning the match/objective. But people tend to use mics to either wait for someone to talk smack about them, or do the smack talking themselves.

The only time I meet super chill people who watch their teammates back is late at night.

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If I am playing CTF, and I have the flag, and my whole team is around me, please escort me.

Yes, and get out of my way.  I always have the right of way.

If an enemy runs past you, kill him and don't let me get shot in my back.  Especially if you are a camper.

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Oh man, I feel you. Not just capture the flag, but all gamemodes. I don't get it when people let an enemy sneak by them when they're camping for whatever strategy reasons, just for me to get killed, pisses me off. At least let me know to turn around and shoot them.

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If you don't have blind eye or assassin when the enemy has air support, PLEASE do not go anywhere near me!

Last night I was playing Seach+destroy, the enemy just called a UAV and my teammate runs right next to me and we both die just because he didn't have assassin on

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...Or to "That Guy" who never uses Blind Eye, but comes running to you like you can save him when a predator is announced and gives the enemy team a two for one deal. Please don't do that.

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Or when you run something other than Blind Eye and you scream RUN AWAY I AM THE TARGET.  But they still want to do a group hug.

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