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Actually shoot people when you see them instead of watching me die and then finishing off the enemy so you can get Avenger or whatever. That drives me nuts to no end, I'll get shot by a guy who walks past 2 of my teammates and they don't even so much as pull the trigger until after I'm dead.

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If you see me trying to CAP a flag and you're running by - at least pause for a second and help me get it done.

It kinda is the point of the game mode.   PTFO

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8 times out of 10 times I'm probably running with a stinger and let team know if i have assault killstreak sorted or not. If i only have 1 shot left in stinger i let team know so someone can swap class and take it out with me. I commentate whether i get a hit or not as this can help .

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Its a tough thing to expect someone to do things in the game, but one thing that I tell my team not to do is to get in front of my character especially if you see me shooting. Get to my right or left but not in front.

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In hardcore game modes this is even more annoying

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As a common courtesy, if you're using Blind Eye, have the decency to help out a teammate with taking air support.

Just because you're protected by it, doesn't mean you can't carry a Stinger to assist those who are being taken by Attack Helicopters etc.

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On teamwork. How about not acting like a total fool and think you ae the supreme commander of all that is the way of combat in COD. I don't mind playing as a team and maybe holding an area down, but with some moron is barking orders out yelling at the team because they didn't do what he said, kill the person that he is trying to point out to you, gets annoying. Too many times have I come across people like this. I hate to mute people because you should be helping each other out, but lets take it down a notch.

Which brings up another point, if you have a mic on for the sole purpose of blaring your gangsta rap, turn your mic off. You are clearly not their to help the team, but annoy people. Again back to the mute thing. I hate doing it becasue you should be communicating with the team to help win. Oh and if your kid is crying in the background, put the game down and be a parent.

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When the enemy has air support up dont run around outside like a headless chicken trying to shoot it down with a small gun, at least try and get some cover

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I hate this so much. Just yesterday I say an enemy Heli rack up 5kills that I counted. I would have shot it down but I didn't have the class equiped at the moment. If you know there's a Heli at the very least hide inside or after your 2nd or 3rd death put on Bline-Eye

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in reply to Ghamorra

WHen playing domination:

- Have the smarts to play like the rest of you team and stop trying to 3-cap when there is no need

- Conversely, when you have such a lead that you may as well go for the complete doimnation, let your team know you are going into the enmy spawn so your team knows that someone may be spawning behind them (if you ever wondered how you went from easily holding 2 flags to being dominated in 10 seconds, someone on your team did it to you)

HC games:

Stop running in front of your teammates line of fire

Anygame, core mode:

- If you are ging to run in front of someone's line of fire, pay attention to where (s)he was shooting and help them take out the enemy instead of only blocking their view so you both get killed.

- Stop trying to go for a knife kill when shooting at the person would have killed themfaster, thus preventing your teammate from dying (e.g. go for the rescue, and not the revenge)

Anygame mode:

- Don't stand in doorways

- Don't line prone in doorways

- Don't run to the objective and stop to look at it (you will likely get shot anyways, and by stoping you just blocked your teammates and gave the enemy a multi-kill)

- Cap the flags!

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