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If I have seen a teammate just walk by a tag and not pick it up anytime throughout the game, I will go for the last tag to end the game. I will not wait just to let someone get a moab when they didn't pick up tags.

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in any game mode if you get killed call out enemy count and locations to your team especially if you are by yourself running flank. Same goes if you are using reaper ac130 etc and the enemy is hiding in building.

I like the one about alerting your team about potential spawn flips in dom and something we do reguarly when i play with my clan.

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Pay attention to the RADAR!!! The amount of times I've been running Recon, painting everything like I'm bloody Picasso only for my team mates to totally ignore them, runnin off in some random direction... WTF?!!!!

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I know what you mean, I run Recon religiously now and hate when I paint 4-5 people on the other team watch as my team runs past them and die. FAIL

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A stinger is not for decoration. If you have one on your back, at least TRY and take air support down. It annoys me so much when my teammates get endlessly slaughtered by the Attack Helicopter while they have Launchers on their back.

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I have a HC dom class that I use to support my team. It's M4A1 with silencer and extended mags. I have a stinger, Blind Eye, Assassin and Sit-Rep. I will camp when they need defence on a flag (though I prefer an LMG for point defence), but I run the map STAYING AWAY from the one flag. Harrass and support by keeping birds out of the sky.

We all use mikes and do call outs to let people know where we are and what's happening.

Play the game, win the match. If you want to go nuts and do kills, do a mode that is built for it. If you are playing a TEAM game, do the TEAM thing.

So far I agree with most of the posts here and suggest that newer players learn to read and remember.

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Rushing sidekicks give me a three meter spread please. Camping sidekicks do we need four guys lined up looking out the same window, someone please watch our flanks.

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Proclaimor wrote:

Camping sidekicks do we need four guys lined up looking out the same window, someone please watch our flanks.

I never understood this. You're not doing much defending by all staring at the same point

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I think I have thought all the above comments before, If only there was a way to get all the numptys on Mw3 to read this thread. Great thread with some great points, I would love to add to it but I think its all been said now.

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Don't use DMHs or FMG9s

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