Connection speed changing at random, can anyone help?

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I been playing Black Ops and MW3, for 5 days in a row.

My connection has been a four bar every game.

Now all the sudden, I am starting the game on a four bar, and it will change at random, down to a one bar, with massive lag.

Then back to a four bar, and then down to a two.

I have done speed test, it will be 28 download, then 10 the next time.

I have a wired connection.

I have tried reseting my modem and router, and plugging strait into the modem.

The same wild connection.

I am the only one home, and it was working fine yesterday.

Anyone know about computers?

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Sounds to me like you need to call your provider to come out and test your outside lines, lines can develop shorts and the contact points can get corroded and will cause line noise which will cause huge fluctuations like this. Have them come out and test the outside lines.

Just a thought, have you reset your modem, as in unplugging it from power and let it sit for a few minutes and plug it back in (known as power cycling your network gear). Even though it still sounds like line issues.

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