Creative C4/Bouncing Betty Techniques! (Video)

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So easy to duck for cover coming out of the building/hole in the ground or from the loading docks... huck a concusion nade, get the hit marker, advance, through another to continue the headache and then kill the campers in that spot with whatever means desired.

I prefer the RPG for style points.

I think a better area to patrol on that map is the loading dock down to the radar dished into the dome.

But that's just me.

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I must have 200+ kills shooting people thru the blue tarp when I cant even see them. I can only imagine the rage.

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Lol do you sound whore?

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Oh.... I do that on the first drop in DZ on dome... if you don't manage to hold it down or get rooted out of there and are on the bottom half of the map... go on up to the big radar dish just "below" that drop... find the gap between the container and the humvee that people huddle in for cover while trying to hold the drop and let the bullets fly through the tarp.

I've had a few triple kills doing that and you almost always get somebody in there.

Alternatively, you can also shoot through there from the dome catwalk but you need an AR or SR (or LMG I guess)... the damage drop off from SMG seems to be too much.

I also shoot through the dome wall into the area of air conditioners on the drop that is outside the dome and tunnel...(forklift area) there's always someone huddled down there and you can usually get a wall bang on em.

Good times... good times....

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