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I've noticed that for around 2 months now the forums haven't been as active as they were. Replies would take hours, even days for new topics, and most of these posts aren't very fun anymore. Much like this one.

The hopes of a new patch, for me all I can say is I don't really care anymore. There isn't going to be a patch, period. Think about it, the first *major* patch we got was after around 3 months since the release of the game; February 27. It's been 5 months and still no word or signs from Wii admin or Activision (Except when we call support and they lie to us to make us shut up). Even if there is a patch, it will only last for 2-3 weeks before we get to the same damn problem we had before. I really wanted to sell this game too but the trade in value is a meager $8; might as well keep the disc as a coaster.

To conclude, it's a shame that hackers USB squeaker warriors, have beaten the game to a pulp. This doesn't mean the people who developed their codes gets away with it. If anything they are the worst. They have nothing better to do then ruin everyone's gaming experience. Heck, I bet if we developed a cure for cancer, they probably steal the cure and make it a black-market for 6000000000 gazillion dollars and profit off everyone's misery and tell them: "You don't have the money, then you die."

I haven't been playing mw3 for 5 months now, and am quite happy with myself. I have a life, girlfriend, family, and friends (and a PC to buy new and awesome Next-Gen games courtesy of the glorious Steam summer sale)

To conclude: We can NEVER win against hackers/USB warriors.

Until next time forumites, stay toasty and treat yourself to a cookie once in a while.

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Yeah you do. I just got off. I raged cause I failed with the Model 1887, but whipped out the Type 95 and went 33-4. Good enough for me.

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Just gotta hold on till the WiiU comes out then it will be nearly impossible to hack because you'll need to actually know how to hack and program plus you'll have to test it on your system which i dont think people would risk that

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Time to eat those apples now. I guess eating cookies dosent work at all:/

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