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Dashing needs sorted! Im hoping and praying that IW have sorted it out...

It has become a very bad habit and ruins alot of games! like quickscoping it has almost become part of the game that was never intended...

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I think what needs to be done, is to have a host migration occur, even when the host dashboards.  That'll be epic.


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If I had to guess at this point, I'd say dashing will be the same problem it always has been with no changes.

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Sadly, I fear this may be true.

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why would you want to reset your stats for after putting in all the hard work ?

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Sadly on the game disconection side like MW2 and COD BO when you dashboard from a game, the console cuts the connection with the hole game, so if your the host then the whole game will disconect. This is something that cant be removed.

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Yes the new update is good to stop people from dashboarding.... but its also annoying for people with winstreaks... how fair is it for someone who doesnt care about winning or winstreaks.. they look at your cb record and see you have a huge win streak.. if they pull host and dashboard on purpose to lose your winstreak.. i think they should change it back to if YOU dashboard YOU LOSE YOUR winstreak... i have a legit 439game winstreak as i only play with a full group of 6 and ever since this update i cant even get a 30game winstreak due to someone dashing... everytime someone dashes your winstreak gets reset isnt fair... should only be when you dash

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I def. didn't know that was apart of the new BO update. Interesting!

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