DeathLoop in MW3 ... Thx for the new respawn system ... :(

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Hi everyone,

This night, i will play with mw3 mode démolition.

And i play with this player:

[Aiee] GoLd_ElNinOox

[Aiee] Drange19



The big cheater with respawn kill look the video in youtube

Where the hammerban ???

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lol this game is so broken

this why i stopped playing it

lag bad spawns games a mess

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HOLY uh... sharks... I knew the spawns are terrible but in demolition, they look worse than ever, and I don't play demolition, just judging by the vid. Advice: Don't play demolition

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[REMOVED] - I wasn't shall we say... My Light's we're off but my fingers continued typing =/

It's 2.20 AM so, yeah I was in the same situtation earlier and I sucked it up and rage quit; so I could find a lobby that wasn't all messed up.

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