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Define the term

Whats your take on these commonly used words - what do YOU think they mean ??









Cheers for your thoughts guys

PS feel free to add any I may have missed

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Re: Define the term

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i hate the word troll being used its something kids use when someone else has a different opinion too them

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Re: Define the term

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Squeaker-Little kids that are funny to p!ss off. And can sometimes be annoying

Noob-occasionally miss used word.  A noob is a person new to the game or just sucks a$$. We were all noobs once.

Good hacker-A person that hacks/mods a game, but uses it for good. Such as getting peoples profiles fixed or modifying the game to make it more fun.

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Re: Define the term

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Scrub: Someone who isn't really good. Similar to noob.

Faggot: Term for a gay person, usually heard when someone rages on the books.

Pro FMG User: (?) Someone who doesn't use the Akimbo attachments an can still hold his own weight, knowing that the gun is poo without Akimbo.

Good Hackers: I don't believe in that.

Squeaker: Annoying little kids who talk on the Mics. Sound like mice.

Troll (Trollolol): A very old word that has been showing up a lot by people who use the internet lately. Someone who's acting like a complete douchenozzel.

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Re: Define the term

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DMC is a commonly used word? I have never seen or heard of that before, not on the forums nor in game.

Edit: isn't that a clan or something? I might have seen someone with that clan tag in my Cod 'career', not sure though.

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Re: Define the term

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Noob: Those retarded level 1 randoms who somehow always end up on my team and go 0-20

Troll: Someone who is a douche, but is a funny douche.

Scrub: Similar to a noob, but someone who is crap but uses OP weapons.

Squeaker: Kids young enough to still suck their mums tits.

F4GGOT: Everyone who kills me with a Striker or Type 95 or FMG9.

Good Hacker: The only way this game is fun.

Pro FMG9 User: The guy who runs SoH Pro just so he can swap to his FMG9 faster after spawn.

DMC: A collection of trolls that prowl the interwebz and online games.

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Re: Define the term

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Yeah Grom, we had about 13 of them in our team the other night over the space of about 3 games 1 guy actually went 1-33

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Re: Define the term

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NOOB - Used to be slang for newbie or new player, can now seemingly be used for anyone not using the same gun and perks as you.

TROLL - Ancient giants of Norwegian myth, eaters of goats and Christian men. Also purposeful starter of online arguments and stokers of messageboard flames. Term is moving into describing any act of purposeful arsery with intent to enrage.

SCRUB - The kind of man who gets no love from TLC. Term for new or ineffective player, replacing the original definition of noob.

SQUEAKER - A young chap who's testicles have yet to descend to manly depths, usually heard singing made up songs, breathing heavily into the mic or close to crying because you shot them in the face in a game that is almost exclusively about shooting people in the face.

F4GGOT - A bundle of sticks for kindling, pork offal meatballs that my Father eats because he's from Dorset, derogatory term for a gentlemen who prefers the comapany of other chaps and a general term of abuse used by Americans because they weren't raised with any manners or sense of shame for the most part.

GOOD HACKER - Technically no such thing as any hacker is in breach of multiple counts of copywright law and can be procecuted in most Western countries, a hacker that does not deserve to be hung by his anus would be one who sticks to private matches and helps out people who have been hacked by the others.

PRO FMG USER - The term you used has not been recognised, please refresh page and try again.

DMC - Darryl McDaniels, Cazal wearing resindent of Hollis, Queens NY. Member of Run-DMC and hero to many an orphan thanks to charity work that he doesn't like to talk about.

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Re: Define the term

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Made me wet myself owd lad Cheers

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Re: Define the term

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NOOB - Anyone who uses a weapon I do not like.

TROLL - Anyone who dissagrees with me.

SCRUB - Anyone who beats me.

SQUEAKER - A child.

FAGGOT - Anyone who kills me in a way I do not approve of.


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