Deja Vu - Thanks Activision, don't worry, we'll pick up the soap!

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Deja Vu - Thanks Activision, don't worry, we'll pi...

For those that may be interested, here is a copy of a letter I sent to Activision last year, after it's complete failure to follow through with the promised DLC it plainly advertised in the manual for Black Ops.

"To: Activision

CC: Nintendo, Treyarch

To whom it may concern.

I am writing on behalf of the many people who have been misled by the false promises that came with the latest offering in the Call of Duty franchise.

Being part of an online community of parent gamers, we are first and foremost proud parents sharing the joys that children bring. But our shared love of gaming brought us all together, firstly as a group of Wii gamers.

Over the years, the numbers of Wii owners has decreased over to the popular HD consoles. And the latest title increased those numbers further more.

Not only due to the numerous teething problems that all consoles experienced, but more aggrivating was the total lack of the promised downloadable content (see below).

Further to these issues is the Wii consoles link between the Black Ops game and total mechanical breakdown.

We have had at least five members of our community having to replace their consoles since playing Black Ops, and since these problems never arose with Modern Warfare Reflex, or World at War. I feel this is no coinsedence.

So, on behalf of the many dissapointed Wii gamers, I say it is your Call of Duty to at least owe us all an explanation for these many shortfalls.

I know there are many consumers loyal to the Call of Duty franchise, but this makes one less.

Sincerely yours.

Wii r suckers!"

Ok. That was a year ago. And yep, you can guess the reply I received!

And what do we get this year? Zilch, zero, nada, nowt, sfa...

I'm not expecting DLC this time, you were smart enough not to offer it.

All I'm asking is a playable title in exchange for my loyalty and spending my kids inheritance on your games.

This game is sinking... FAST.

Every day, a new glitch or hack appears. Numerous accounts get reset. Rendering the game unplayable.

If there is no possible way to stop these immature cheats from ruining a perfectly good game, could you please just say so.

Otherwise patch this sieve of a game up pronto.

I am longing to save for the next gen Wii, but if this is how us Nintendo fans get treated by the devs. Then I'm going else where.

So, in closing. Please save this game from impending doom and ban these fools that are ruining it for the majority.

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