Do we get the MW3 DLC on same day as Xbox ?

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Was just wondering.

Because tommorrow is Rezurrection DLC release and it's just not the same... a month later.

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I think Microsoft paid for a 5 year deal, so they will more than likely get DLC before everyone else for MW3 again, but I think MW3 is the last game this will happen with, unless of course they pay for another exclusive deal

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Sadly not.

The Microsoft - Activision downloadable content deal lasts through 2012, so Modern Warfare 3 DLC will still release first on Xbox LIVE.

However, with Call of Duty Elite, you should still receive DLC earlier than non paying Elite PS3 members.

I feel your pain. I played on PlayStation 3 exclusively for quite some time!

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To be honest i think its a joke, maybe they get because they have to pay for online but thats there problem i dont see in any way that X-box should get it before us and i think thats were activision have gone wrong if they dont sell as many map packs on ps3 thats why!

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No, the Xbox will get them early till the end of 2012 and most likely after that they make new contract with Microsoft.

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How do people still not know about the Microsoft-Activision deal.

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If I'm a elite member wich I will be since I order the harden edition and xbox still get it before PS3 then I want my money back for the elite membership. all  plus elite member should be treated the same, now if they do that for  DLC when it come out for non elite member then that fine with me on the elite page don't say xbox get it frist beside how it's PS3 going to get a map each month if we have to wait a month after xbox to get it.

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Ummmm no. You're just paying to get all the DLCs (and other features). You're not paying to get them at the same time.

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No, mvme2night is right.

Activision needs to communicate the truth.

Especially when they want people to pre-order their products.

Where can I read that the Xbox Premium subscribers will get their DLC first ?

And how will they do that, when there is monthly DLC ?

Please don't expect 20 maps.

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I can see this going down the pan very quickly just another money making machine at the expense of joe public.

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