Do you guys think snipers are overpowered or underpowered?

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In my opinion there underpowered I think they need to make them one shot kill anywhere above the waste. I don't  think they should of made them only one shot kill only  chest up.

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Hmmm. Interesting statement. I only use the AS50 so OSK are not a problem unless I am using the silencer. I think they are OK simply because I have seen so many QS recently with there MSR's jumping and running around the map like a bunch of trailer trash at walmart during a mountain dew sale.

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I think people are underpowered, that think weapons are OP.

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Sometimes i will get tons of hitmarkers with my MSR but it's rare though i don't seem too have a problem getting OHK'S

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I don't want to say overpowered, but sniping in general is IMO wayyyy too easy. You've got the L118A and .50 cal which, from my use, have been OHK anywhere on the body. And then there's the stupid semi-auto RSASS and AS50 that most people just use with acog and spam their hearts out. I used to love sniping but MW3 has completely ruined it for me with how easy it is and with the amount of completely ridiculous deaths I take from them.

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100% agree

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sniper rifles are meant to be a skilled weapon that takes precision to use. By making all snipers a 1hk above the waste you take away the precision part.

as they are snipers are fine

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I think there fine besides that quikscope bullsh*t, str8 !@#$in rediculous in my opinion hahaha, P.s those "montages" with the spin and jump and barely scope kills are so lame, i dont why people fill there montages up with that garbage

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You shouldn't be able to stroll into a drop zone and take out 3-4 people with your SR. It's not a CQC weapon... except that in this game it is.

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I would say that they are fairly balanced. And trust me. I use them a lot.

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