Do you guys think they should make sniping lobbys

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If you are a sniper you no it boring when all you get shot by are automatic weapons. Or if your not a sniper it gets you angry if u get kIlled by a sniper. I think sniper lobbys would be the best sulution

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It would be nice to have a sniper lobby with some larger maps.

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Take some friends in a Private Match and have at it.

That being said, it would be kind of fun to have a playlist, perhaps FFA or TDM, in which Everyone gets the same exact load-out, or even better just gets the same primary weapon(no secondaries, but perhaps everyone could be given the same secondary weapon to use exclusively) and same two perks to start the match. No killstreaks, but perhaps random air drops at various points around the map, which players would have to fight eachother for. Perhaps successive kills would build up perks. Instead of just voting on maps in the lobby, you would vote on the map and the weapon class (Sniper, LMG, Assault, etc) that would be used. You wouldn't find out what weapon you would be using until the match began. This way, everyone is on a level playing field, no weapon is overpowered, since everyone is using the same gun.  Every match would be different, and fast paced.

Not sure about the Sniper Only lobbies. The logistics of that may not work out... How do you prevent games from being dragged out by snipers hiding all around the map? What about players who want Sub, Assault, or Shotgun only lobbies? Also, not sure if they'd get enough people to fill these lists consistently. I'm not against the idea, I like a variety of choices, but just not sure how well it would work. Did you have any ideas in mind? Would everyone have to use the same sniper rifle? Would secondaries be allowed? I could see issues there, when people trying to use the Sniper Rifles begin to be mowed down by some idiot with an MP9.

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It would an awesome adition to the game.

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