Does K/D mean you're a good player?

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Well I guess I fall into the average to low KD players as you put it.

I have 90k+ kills and a 2.5 KDR in TDM so I am holding my own

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This 100%^

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I have a 3.05 in TDM and I play only TDM.

My SPM is 321.24. I have ~35,600 kills and ~11,600 deaths

My overall KDR is 3.03, because I have a total of 5 hours played in KC but 189 hours in TDM.

My weekly overall KD as of today is 4.45

I like to think I'm a good player.

Edit: In case anybody decides to believe that I'm fibbing, you can look me up in ELITE if you're a PS3 player. Name is the same as on the forums.

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Is your name SylarSylar, or Sylar_Sylar?  When I typed your name with the  _  between the words, it says you've been reset.


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I am just SylarSylar, no underscore. I play on PS3.


I prestiged once and regretted losing my things so I never prestiged again lol

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A stat i like to use for TDM is your plus/minus per game. Meaning -  I take (total kills minus total deaths ) divided by games.

For example if someone has 50 000 kills 30 000 deaths over 2000 games (50 000-30000) /2000 =10 positive kills per game average. This really only works for TDM as it has no objectives other then get as many kills positive as u can.

So for example to me someone who averages 15/10 a game is better then someone who goes 8/4. Even tho the 8/4 is alot better KD. because he averages 1 kill more positive a game.

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Interesting stat, my numbers are 90,541 kills, 36,297 deaths 4,466 games played so 13 positive kills per game average.

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TBH neither K/D and W/L show that your a good player since there is to much outside influence over them besides skill just for an example i can play Dom and go say 10/25 simply because two players on my team have gone 5-30 and the other team has spent the better part of the match spamming pred missiles because of it OR i can go 45/6 because my team has capped and defended two flags (therefore spawn trapping them) and i have spent all match ripping apart anyone unlucky enough to enter my LMG sightline.

as for W/L this stat is broken thats to the ammount of times you get put in a game 10 seconds from the end (anyone else feel it should only count games you have spent more than half of it in?)

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Sorry to tell you, this game is not about SKILL or STRATEGY.  It's about connection and which side of the lag compensation you fall on.

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I dont care if you have a great connection if you cant aim it wont matter.

And as far as your statement about this game not being about strategy your wrong, an organized group in TDM using a good strategy has a HUGE edge over a bunch of random players.

My group I play with runs off legit win streaks of 40+ all the time and we NEVER dashboard. If we are going to lose we take our beating and learn from it.

I lose more often then I dont when I play TDM solo because 90% the pubs I am put with play stupid.

Sorry I find that people who say the game is all about connection are the ones who just arent that good and need an excuse.

I am not saying connection doesnt help but there isnt many multiplayer games out there where having a great connection doesnt help.

I had  a 2.44 KD with over 70k kills in TDM in Blops running on a 2meg cable ISP.

I have a 2.49 KD with 90k+ kills in TDM in MW3 and right around XMas time my cable provider opened a 100 meg package which I have been on ever since and my stats are almost identical.

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