Does K/D mean you're a good player?

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Lol, if a 3KD is your red flag for spawn killers you're way off.

Having a 3KD isn't hard to do in any game mode.

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Do you equate spawn trapping to hacking? You seriously act as if someone wronged you horribly.

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ok let me rephrase what i stated, because i was incorrect how I stated it, If i see a 3.00 kd, not that Im normally not impressed, how about I really dont give a %$^. look heres how this is going to end. if you spawn trap, then spawn trap, as much as you will keep telling yourself it takes skill, it really doesnt, and that is the fact of the matter, ask me how i know, because ive done it before, and its cheap.. i dont care what your opinion is on it. By you saying "but it does, its tactical" is not going to make me all of a sudden think its tactical, so save it. You all can play against the noobs who will sacrifice their kd and stats to put up with that none sense then they deserve it. If i see that going down i dont join the game, or ill find another game... end of story

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KDR, is only considered somewhat skillful, if the gametype requires Kills (and assists) to win.  In which case, that'll be Team Deathmatch and Free For All. 

But ultimately, "Objective Pursuits" are what make the player. 


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i say a good player is all about how he plays with his teamESPECIALLY in objective game modes i could honestly care less about my kd just to prove it it is .76 lol but in objetives im top of the lst heres an example who cares about kd in domination its all about the flags i hate playing a game of sabotage and everyoneelse plays like its tdm just cuz it 20 minute games anyways i dont focu on my kd im all about templay nd objectives

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KDR is very easy to keep high playing TDM.

The better stat is SPM if you ask me.

I was in a lobby the other night and a guy was bragging all about his 3.0 KDR in TDM but he literally had like 300 total kills.

I looked up his SPM and he was in the 80ish range so seems to me he goes around 6-2 in every TDM sitting in a corner.

Want to see a good stat ask for someones SPM, see how active they are.

I know my SPM isnt amazing at 339 but the only thing I play is TDM.

W/L isnt everything its cracked up to be either. When I am grouped with my friends we do very well but if I play solo my W/L can take a beating. I have lost many TDM games where I alone get 30 kills but we still lose.

Just my 2 cents.

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In TDM the guy going 6-2 every game is a much better player than the guy going 21-19 but guess who has the higher SPM?

Flawed logic, SPM is just what average to low KD players use to justify their KD. It's right up there with "BUT I'M AN OBJECTIVE PLAYER!".

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Uhm, no.

75/6= 12.5 Kills per tdm game, per player on average. The dude with a 3 k/d averages 52 % under the average 12.5 kills, just 48 % of the normal amount of kills per player. Average k/d 3. Standard average k/d=1.

48 x 3= 1.44. above average..

Other dude averages 21 kills 168 % above the average kills times 1.1 = 1.85 above average

The dude with the much higher spm and average k/d brings more to a team on average. Tmd is about getting 75 kills first generally, not squeezing a high k/d.

Having a high k/d and high spm is the ideal mix.

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You're not looking at all sides of the story.

Of course a high spm and KD are the ideal mixture. But I would much rather have the guy going 6-2 on my team simply because Mr. 21-19 died 19 times meaning he contributed 1900 points to the enemy team while the other guy only contributed 200 to the enemy team.

One player dying 19 times is a HUGE strain on the rest of the team. His dying now translates into enemy killstreaks.

Killstreaks can go one of three ways.

1. No one takes them out and they turn into more kills

2. Someone attempts to take them out which directly removes that player from the action.

3. Someone takes them out and risks dying in the process giving the enemy team yet another kill.

I don't want the guy with a 300 - 400 SPM and a .90 - 1.30 KD on my team. That player is going to die A LOT. The less my team dies in TDM the better the team is overall. I'm not the type of player who's going to get his panties in a bunch because the game lasted longer than it should have.

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Killstreaks are pretty useless in mw3, against someone experienced *which people are once they can get high spms, they generally destroy more crap too to get more xp. The dude with the high spm generally brings you (20 plus kills) closer to the win every game. Blind eye & a stinger class takes out everything fast & people with high spms get a lot more support streaks going too. People with low spms and high kds, generally leave a lot too, They are useless teammates. These stats make the camper look somewhat above average, imo he is not, unless he has a win / loss to show for, but even then that's mainly clan / party based. It's relative to who you are playing, but overall I much rather have the high spm and average k/d player on my team.

Not playing to get the kills first, isn't going to work unless the other team has a better mix of high kd and high spm players. Active players just add the most to a team imo, all-round.

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