Don't you just hate it when people bash on you for loosing a match??

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Isnt it annoying when someone starts talking mess when you lose, especially when they are with their clan. Those people shouldnt even be playing MW3 or any other game if they are going to bash other people for loosing. They think its cool to do that  to feel supperior, when in fact they are just nothing but 17 year olds and younger living with their parents. Why do they even let people play online, and even if you report them for offensive language they dont do anything about it.

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My favorite is when you lose to a team, and they start bitching in the lobby about your team being campers/noobs/cheap. I just chock it up to poor self esteem, since they won and can't just enjoy it.

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Banning people for offense languaue  would be incredibly lame, especially since a lot of real cheaters don't even get banned. Generally I'll never say crap to someone unless they start online. Just mute people.

If you go extremely negative and play split screen constantly, I feel getting hate mail is justified. It's not even all there fault, there should be a playlist for newber players, would make matchmaking better all-round

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The best is when you come into a  losing room  and get a free loss...

The winning team then talks crap like we'll make you back out too....

...It is oh so rewarding to destroy them and they back out so to avoid the shame......

If they dashboard...... priceless

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