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BlksnshN wrote:

Or do it while actually playing the objective.  That would be far more impressive. 

Calm down chaps, watch his other videos he mostly gets them in kill confirmed and collects the tags. Sometimes you will sit back a little, like he said he's trying a bunch of different guns.

Guys clearly got a lot of skill is all i'm saying, there is nothing wrong with holding 2 points in Dom...

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Re: Double M.O.A.B Monday | MSR

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I'm just glad that the MOAB doesn't end the game like the MW2 Nuke does. I had a few games where I'm working my butt off in Domination and we were winning by a huge margin only to lose the game to some guy who killwhored for a nuke.

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Re: Double M.O.A.B Monday | MSR

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The Nuke in MW2 was a travesty. It allowed people to sit back and let the killstreaks do all the work in stacking up to it, and it was annoying, not impressive whenever someone got one.  I would like to see these high level perks go away, myself. It leads to selfish play and camping.

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