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Hey, do us and yourself a favor and answer these questions:

  1. Do you like having punk ass kids screaming the "N" word in your ear?

  2. Do you like playing multiplayer games where it's every man for himself and no one ever helps you or the team out?

  3. Do you like to hack and glitch games so you are the number one player?

  4. Do you like to look at naked men?

  5. Do you still go to or not even started high school yet?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this is not the place for you!

  1. Are you an adult in age only?

  2. Are you a drinker with a gaming problem?

  3. Do you wish you had a group of like minded dudes to hang and talk shit with online?

  4. Do you wish that hanging out on the PS3 was at least as fun as going to the bar?

  5. Do you have a thick skin and the ability laugh at yourself?

If you answered yes to all these questions then we may have the perfect place for you.

The Office Group is a drinking clan with a PS3 problem. We are actively looking for the right people to become new members and join us in having some fun.  First and foremost, we pride ourself in having fun.  There are days that we forget we are even playing a game because we are laughing so hard.  We are unlike any other gaming clan on the planet.  We don't care about your Kill / Death ratio.  We don't care if you are brand new to gaming.  We don't care if you are addicted to porn.  We don't care if you drink so much that you pass out with the game still on and a controller in your hand.  Hell that can happen to anyone. : )

What The Office Group is looking for is someone with a thick skin, at least 25 years of age (can be waived for the right person at our discretion), has a great personality and is active on the PS3 with a mic.  Candidates must be willing to under go an extensive weeding out process.  This place is great because we pride our selves in weeding out the shit stix.  It won't be a walk in the park but I promise you that the friendships and the brotherhood you will be entering is well worth the effort.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy and you want to start the process of becoming one of the few and the proud Agents of theOFFICE, the please contact us at Recruiting@theofficegroup.net

this is a re-post the original had the wrong email address "I know I'm an Idiot " sorry for the confusion if you already tried the link do so once again

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