Drop Zone complaints.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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Because it's not as exciting. I had a huge thrill playing DZ.

It was so much fun when you got a pave low or helicopter, which i would never get in any other game. Drop Zone just opened up a lot of possibilities for those players who don't do well with assault killstreaks...etc. It was so full on. I loved that.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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oh yea, i can see how getting a CP with a predator or airstrike is thrilling and having the DZ move somewhere else and then getting a multikill with the pred cuz the whole enemy team is on the new DZ (which i have already done before).

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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bring back drop zone and not as dlc

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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LOL.. I will so laugh if that is what they do.. but doubtful.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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I really don't get how this gametype was a fast way to gain exp?  You don't get the +20 points as stated above, and you also don't have any killstreaks.  The only points you get are from kills.  I really wouldn't care if they made it so you couldn't level up in that gametype.  I would still play it.  It WAS the best gametype that has been made so far.  And just because I think that doesn't mean I don't have any understanding about the game?  It was a faced paced gametype and it limited camping due to the changes in objective.  Headquarters is nowhere near the same as DZ.  A team actually has to capture the HQ to win.  DZ was just much more intense and interesting.  It was something new and fresh they brought into the game.  IMO they shouldn't have put it in the community but in the standard playlist.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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Initially I would simply camp the drop zone and get 4k+ points per game, but hardly any kills. I didn't realize that this yielded hardly any XP at the end of a match, so the gamemode is definitely tailored to those who are good at both playing the objective, and racking up kills.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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I pre-ordered the game cause I heard Drop Zone was going to be in it .

Now I have nothing to do in life but stare at the playlist menu until it comes back.

But seriously Drop Zone was a very intense game, and if it comes back then great. If it doesnt come back then there are plenty of other things to do in life. Like go outside, go do some situps, play some baseball without assistance of the Kinect, go out and enjoy that bright yellow thing in the sky.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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i must admit i loved that game type mostly for a few reasons...

1. centralized spot that most people will be at

2. no killstreaks

3. good amount of xp

4. as stated above i could never get a a/c130 or a ofsprey gunner im not that good....here i have a chance to actually try it....it sucks when certain killstreaks are just not available to you because you play objectives and the campers get you.

5.makes you constantly move so the dark corner mcdougals just dont sit in the same spot all game.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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No campers in DZ, that is what made it the best game mode. Super fast paced and just generally the most fun ive had on any cod game, and ive had all of them so you can't say just because some one like DZ they have no understanding of the game.

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Re: Drop Zone complaints.

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The reasons why players like us loved Drop Zone was not just to level up, but numerous reasons:

-Quick games: Man as a father with a 3 year old it is tough to play some modes that takes 15 minutes to complete

-Fast pace action: With quick games comes adrenaline rushes

-Objective based: Win as a team. Lose as a team and kill whores get less points for not playing the objective.

Look, when you wrote this post I get you are trying to calm the storm, but I bet you a 100 bucks plus a ham sandwhich that if the developers took away one of your favorite modes you would be posting negatively. People playing drop zone wasn't hurting anyone so if it makes the people who shelled out 50 bucks happy then why not please them?

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