Elite account and YouTube account won't link up.

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Have you guys tried linking a different account? I had the same problem originally. Wouldn't link up but I could still upload the videos to facebook. Then all of a sudden it started working by itself.

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My account used to be linked, now it says link YT account.  Not sure why it stopped working since I have successfully uploaded a video before.

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Forget email, use the online support link here. I have had the same issues with email but when I used the online support I CANNOT fault them. Had to try a few different soloutions to my problem and it took about 30/40 mins. Click the online support button!

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Oh god, this sounds like a nightmare I have gotten into already. :/

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im having the same problem.......when i try to link the account, it asks me to grant permission (which i do), then it says i dont have the channel which i clearly do beacause it is taking me there!

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i have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM, it says This account already has a username and channel. which irritates me soooooooo mush

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I had this problem. I tried using a different computer, and then I was able to successfully link my accounts.

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That doesn't work for me! T_T any other suggestions? Please?

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Same problem for me i have some vids I wanna upload but i cant...

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I get the same problem and its anoying it just keeps telling me to create a youtube channel when i already have one

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