Everyone is muted?????

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Why is it that I got on just now and everyone was muted? I checked all the settings. Even went into other online games for xbox and MW3 is the only one that I have this problem with? I'm even muted??? Sent a friend a party invite and we talked trying to figuer it all out, but can't??? Any help would be nice... Is this report abuse maybe?? people having friends report me because I powned then talked smack?? How is it only MW3, and how do I fix it? Can't really talk and make friends with-in the game then what's the point of playing online. or playing it at all? Might just have to go play something else when I get tired of not being able to tell team mates when I see something .... communication is a big part of team work! HELP ME!

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Mine is doing the same thing!  Tried it all day today.  Everyone is muted and will not allow me to toggle them back on.

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The only advice I can give is to go back into your settings. (I know you said you went into your settings but did not specify which settings)

From your dashboard go all the way over to settings. Click privacy, click change settings (its the only option on this page), click on custom (there should be the word customize under it once it is clicked on) click on customize, click on voice and text, click on everyone. (this will enable everyone to not be muted) after you have chosen the everyone option hit the back button until you are back on the privacy and online settings screen. (should only have to hit B twice) AND THEN CLICK SAVE AND EXIT. If you had friends only or blocked highlighted that is why everyone in the lobbies are automatically muted. I changed this to friends only once and had the same problem you had. I quickly changed it back to everyone so that I could communicate with them.  MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE SETTINGS. If you don't then you will still have the same problem and will have to go back through this again. Like I said, I hope I helped out.

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I think he is saying everyone has an X on there headset as when you mute someone.  when you change your setting to friends only you cant hear anyone but friends and it does not put an X on there head set as if you mute someone. i ran into the same problem i just reset my xbox and it went away.

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Ok so none of the things anyone told me help but in 24 hours it just went back to how it should be sorry forgot to post that this did happen a while back but I've had friends who have had it happen to them just days ago. only thing I can say is party up and you'll be able to talk to those in party never figured out what made it happen but it went away... so...... what ever!!??????

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When I go in game people are muted and I can't unmute them inplay other games mics work fine I have tried to mute and unmute but it does nothing any suggestions I have also been thru the options and reset everything to default reset my router and system still nothing 

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Never had mic on, 99% people still don’t have so can’t see point with this.
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