Favorite Gun Returning from MW2?

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whats an MLCer? and i've pissed off many snipers, the m16 was allround perfect, but i felt it got a little too easy to get kills with, but then there was the QS revolution, that was when i had to dust off the old M16 again.......... M16 was less track and shoot than it was fire and forget

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m16, scar, m4, m60, g36c all my favs....but no rpd

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thats a good point, i havent used it before about a month ago & i think it is now my top favorite LMG to use.  i maxed out the m240 in kills, 1st gun i got 500 headshots with but then as i started to play more core modes over the summer, it didnt have the stopping power i needed in the core modes so i tested the field and there it was...2nd lmg unlocked (& @ a low level) and it took me nearly 2 years to use and enjoy it

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The MK14 isnt listed as Semi Auto, atleast not in the same way as the M16 is listed as 3 round burst. Still the stats match what I thought a decent Semi Auto would be so hopefully it will keep me happy.

Still don't think there will be any gun I like using as much as I did using the FAL or Gehwer. Though I like the sposed stats on the Type 95 for a full auto.

EDIT: Baffles me that some ARs have higher mobility then a SMG, which should have the best mobility out of almost all loadouts (boo at not having MP5 kurz again also).

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ACR & M16 are 1a & 1b in my book but i want to see how well the secondary shotties will handle as primaries

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P90, M1014, and M16 are my favorite guns returning

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I'm pleased a decent version of the MP5 is in the game and not the MP5k, the one in COD4 was my favourite, I think the one in Mw3 is a more modern Mp5

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Favorite gun returning from mw2 would be...

Hopefully Akimbo G18's

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m16, m4, scar
and the m60 (which was in cod4 and blops) YES!

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i want the FN FAL!!!

but seriously, I am looking forward to the SCAR and the P90.

Dr D

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