Favorite Gun Returning from MW2?

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it would have to be the P90 as im a run & gunner

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I am most looking forward to the return of the G36. That was my favorite gun of MW. From MW2, I'm excited to see the ACR again. That was my baby.

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I think i'm most excited for the ACR and the SCAR-L. They were some of my favorite assualt rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

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Yeah. Pretty much. I got a little excited when they said that the G36 is back.

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It's not a gun (yet) but I am excited about the throwing knife

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Scar (if it's returning) if it isn't then definately the ACR

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The AK-47, without a doubt. And it's great that it isn't unlocked at the last level anymore.

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Played MW3 with the SCAR at XP and it still kicks ass.    Its definitely in.

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ACR, M4 of course. M16 is always a history maker.

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A C R all i need

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