Favorite Gun Returning from MW2?

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LoL its gota be the most bitched about gun in mw2... ump45.. just fitted the rushing style.. and the fact that it was OP ...

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The M16A4. I wish they brought the M93s back.

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I'm excited for the M16A4, been my favorite gun since they introduced it in COD4.  Love the accuracy it offers.  I'll probably whore it for my entire first prestige and level it up to its max.  Also I'm a fan of the M4A1 and the ACR. 

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I'm glad the FIM-92 Stinger is returning.

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ACR baby!

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TDI Vector


Sad to see no TAR21, AUG & F2000 maybe we'll get those as DLC guns

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Could somebody point me in the direction of the weapons list, or is it just taken from what is seen in the trailer?

Just hoping there is a decent Semi-Automatic included again this time.

On a small note, just because they include the same gun again doesnt mean that it will play the same in each game for example: MP5 w/stock (MW1) MP5 short (Wout/stock - MW2) MP5 Prototype (BO) all performed differently.

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Here ya go. The Mk14 is the only semi-automatic in the Assault Rifle list.


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ACR fo sho! And get that AUG back as a LMG. could hold both o dem on a target all day without flinching. Screw that damned AK. Damned piece of junk in my book untill they come up with some type of programming to simulate the likelyhood of a jam. Or untill you need to field strip a gun. But i dont see either of those coming to fruition anytime soon. too many little children would whine.

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