Favorite Gun in MW3

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I think the cm901 or ump45 unless the sub machine guns where like they where in Black Ops. -.-

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M203, M320, XM25, RPG

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I have to say PP90, ACR, SCAR-L, and G36C!!! I can't really pick one gun.

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As of right now the G36C because it's my favorite gun all around. However, if they made it suck in the game then I'll switch to something else.

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since i played little of Mw2, i didnt get a good feel of any of the weapons, even though i know the weapons were tweaked a bunch. The Ak-47 will always be my baby though. thats the gun im probably going to max out first

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dont say that your going to jinx it lol cant wait to get my hands on it again

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Is the MP5 in it? If so I will roll with that or the scar mostly

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MP5 or the ACR for sure

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Mp5 and the M4 now and always =)

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i love Gun Game in black ops about i wish they did that in MW3

Famas and Mp5 , M4 for sure best guns

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