Finishing Moves Challenges are not being completed

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had the same thing go down.. make sure you guys are the required min level for the challenge to be unlocked to complete.

  • Operations (Lv15)
  • Proficiency (Lv20)
  • Precision (Lv30)
  • Finishing Moves (Lv40)
  • Humiliation (Lv50)
  • Payback (Lv60)
  • First Class (Lv65)
  • Intimidation (Lv70)
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i had it with 2 times hellicopter in one matches i have proof that i get more the one hellicpoter in one match and  dindt ge the title

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It is entirely due to the game mode. It works in TDM, FFA, S&D. It will work sometimes in KC if your kill is the final kill in the killfeed, the last confirmed, and you don't die. It does not work in most hardcore modes except TDM and S&D because a lot of the modes were added later and seem not to apply.

Even "The Edge" challenges aren't counting in most HC modes anymore. Really annoying. Whatever is displayed in the "Game Winning Kill" screen should give credit, period, no matter what other circumstances happen.

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Wish i'd known that from the start, i should've been given, the Pave Low, Throwing Knife and Attack Helicopter ones by now, but i used to play alot of Domination. I have AC130 and a few others, but it never triggered that various game modes didn't accept these challenges....

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In domination the killcam isn't necessarily the final kill. The final kill has to be from the winning side and if no one on that team killed anyone near the end........

I've had final killcams in dom, and i'm sure we all have, where the killcam is from a minute or so before the end of the game.

Also, as stated earlier, it isn't the kill that wins you the game therefore it probably won't count.

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under missions - infiltrator, objective 3 you must execute 10 finishing moves (sneaking up behind someone and killing them) and i have done this many times and shown in slow motion and showed the words finishing move and yet i still show 0/10 finishing moves... does anyone know what is causing this? i want my ***** blade of valor charm and union black assault rifle. has anyone else had this same problem?

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