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Pretty much here's my idea or ideas.

1. Players cannot use the perks Blind Eye, Assassin, Or Dead Silence in Unison for pretty obvious reasons *coughs* campers.

     1.1 Players may still gain these through Specialist Strike Package

2. More Random Spawns

     2.1 Prevents Spawn Trapping in Domination

          2.11 Example: Enemy is holding A and B. In General players would spawn at C.

               2.111 Players would spawn at A,B and C to prevent Spawn Trapping but spawn at enemy flags less often.

3. MP7 and Type 95 Tweak

     3.1 MP7

          3.11. Players with a MP7 can kill players with a higher firing gun with little to no effort.

                    Example: You run around with a PP90M1 with rapid fire and get into a gunfight with a guy with a MP7 without rapid fire on it. You Lose, He wins and all bullets landed on target.

     3.2 Type 95

          3.21: Do i seriously need to explain.

4. Lag Compensation

     4.1 Most of us have good internet for a reason and thats not so laggy players have an upper hand.

     4.2 Solution: Servers detect ping and send you into a game with players somewhat in that are.

Thats all my ideas and hopefully we can get these to infinity ward to have these fixed

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1 - Only if in Return, people can't use Spy Planes with the Assault Package, Motion Sensors are removed, and the HBS is only allowed on Sniper Rifles..

Other than that, I don't disagree with the rest of the stuff.

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I think Assassin should make you invisible to the Support UAV but the Assault UAV should still show you on the minimap but for every other scan.

The Type95 is fine. The ACR and MP7 need slight nerfs. Reduce their mag sizes from 30-20 OR give them conciderable recoil OR increase their reload time by a drastic margin.

There's no reason why people shouldnt  be able to choose Blind Eye, Assassin, Dead Silence. And how would that encourage camping? The three perks that allow you to run around without being spotted by killstreaks, radars, sensors and keep your foot sounds to a bare minimum will encourage people to sit in one spot? I hardly think that makes an ounce of sense.

An ideal camping class is Recon, Blast Shield, Sitrep Pro. Blind Eye, Assassin, Dead Silence is a run n gun class.

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Nothing wrong with any Primary weapons in this game. Only perk that is worth a look is Assassin but it is fairly obvious that isn't gonna happen. My  buddies and I just stopped using any type of KS, equipment, or attachment that Assassin counters and half of us run Recon Pro so if you run into us we pretty much want you to run assassin. Might as well be running 1st and 3rd perks only as far as I am concerned.

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how come everything gets blamed on camping i use blindeye, assassin now and again and have never felt the need to camp id rather use it to get the drop on people looking for red dots or capping objectives

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You want to make people spawn all over the map in random places? Yeah that's a "genius" idea - NOT!

Domination is about controlling the spawns.It's part of the game and not bad eitiquette. The reason it fails in this game sometimes is due to bad map design.

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Prevent spawn trapping in Sabotage.

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