Girls on COD, whats your opinion ?

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i don't know when people who have "girl" as their clan tag are actually a girl or not, because i have come across many guys who put 'girl' as theirs. i don't think it really matters if they say theyre a girl or not either.

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I agree with all the OP said. To me you are just another gamer,but if you choose to tell us you are a girl,then your asking for bother from some quarters. I don't go around with guy or man in my clantag,as im just another online gamer.

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I think thats its rather sad that females still, in 2012 cop shite for being female on line ....

I think unfortunately it saids alot more about the 30 per cent say of guys playing COD that like to make females uncomfortable ...

I have and still do use a non gender specific name ... especially on the ps3 network.

I personally find it strange that this is a continuing topic.... prehaps its just a different mind set in the COD community than that of say Never winter nights a game I played openly as a female for 4 odd years...with the sole purpose of killing people online ... I want to make it clear I went to only the player vs player servers... and I never copped crap for being female .. if anything it was surprise ... that I was actaully female... but I never copped any abuse not to my face anyhow... and that was 6years ago ...

Why the COD community seems to be stuck in the 50's? *shrugs* Is it just that some teenage boys are being raised by misogynist dads? I dont know ............or to generalize are teenage boys just jerks? Prehaps its because the game is so short... all of 10minutes ... where no one has to get to know anyone ... 

I'd liked to have seen the ages of the people responding here with I have no issues with females...

oh I was shoot MANY MANY times by a person called PINK with the G!RL tag ... she seriously kicked arse .. was top player for her side ... if only I could be as good as her!

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it just the trolls that dont know how to treat a woman.

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Well, im a girl. I've been playing cod for over a year now, & it's really fun. I really don't tell anyone im a girl simply because they won't leave me alone or they'll be all sexual, but only when they get personal & start to ask if i have a girlfriend or if i watch porn. Lol. There are barely any girl on cod, & i've only seen 3 including me.

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As long as her lag <= my lag I'm fine with it.

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i'm a girl and have been playing for about 3 years now and alot of guys still be really nasty and grosse there are a lot of girls who play and i think we should get some type of recognition we are girls/women playing a stereotypical "guys game" and there are a lot of chicks out there who are really good at the game and who make a lot of guys rage and quit so i don't know why they are bastards lol. its a fun game and anyone should be allowed to play

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The funniest thing is half those people with GIRL in their clantag are actually dudes just messing with you, lol.

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So if I change my name to HotRedheadedGurl the guys will walk up and introduce themselves  in hopes of cybersex during the intermission, instead of shooting me?

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