Girls on COD, whats your opinion ?

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Probably, I have at least three friends of mine who have GIRL in their clan tag and they are all dudes, they get pm's on PSN all the time after games with guys wanting to flirt and get their facebook name or something stupid. It's pretty hilarious actually.

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I'm 54.  Back in the early days of BBS's I had a 300 baud modem.  A friend and I signed onto one of the dating BBSs.  We got nothing for a couple days.  Then we turned ourselves into chicks.  Our inbox runneth over.

Some things never change.

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Honesty i don't mind it, but when the lady becomes offensive cause we kill her in game how many times idk. The main words i hear through a mic are.

"Have u hit puberty yet" Just plain mean if ur a kid

"Go get ur lolipop wet"  PG Here alright

I got only 2 girls on my FL there calm and quiet whenever we want hit online

People mics get other people confused "i can't tell if shes a guy or a girl by that voice".

Honesty i hate mic voice changer!

More importantly i hate the perverted men when i play, just wrong in so many ways

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WHO CARES REALLY I love meeting girl players that are good, at mw3 ,Im just not disrespectfull to them,So far i got 6 girls in my clan,And thay kick ass

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choco102 wrote:

Ok so first off I dont have a problem with girl that play on cod. I have a problem with the girls that put GIRL as their clantag or have it in their names, The girls that have a mic and tell everyone they are girls. Then the complain ?! The're always complaining being harrassed by the guys. Its like walking down the street topless and not expect men to stare !? So to all girls out their if your gunna play the game dont tell everyone your a girl because most dont care and there others are gunna perv on you ! Whats your opinion on this matter ?

Ok, great! When YOU play, please don't talk into your mic because people will hear that you are male and we don't care.

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Who cares is the real question?

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i like it

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My daughter in law plays Black OPs, MW2 and Black Ops2, she doesn't point out to anyone she's a girl and her PSN ID doesn't indicate it. She just plays, kicks ass and moves on. 

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