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Sorry to say this, but im a huge fan of the CoD series especially the MW series. But there a thing i miss and i know a lot of players with me. The hardcore mosh pit mode. So you can play all the softcore gametypes in HC. That was the nicest thing from MW2 and i really hope its going to come quickly to the MW3 game on the PC.

Set aside the fact that i hope this gametype is coming soon to MW3 i got a question for Activision and IW, how the fuck can you justify the gametype hardcore  if you need at least 3 bullits for a kill??? that aint hardcore, it is softcore. For the most players hardcore is shoot, max 2 hit to get a kill and move on. So you keep a fast paced game. You told the world that there would be PC support after the release and that you would listen to the community, but you are doing just the opposite. You're forgetting the PC and your focussing on the Consoles, while the CoD series became great on the PC. It is sad to see that promises are being broken and you guys make it seem that its all about the money instead of making a freaking good game for your audience.

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its the same on the xbox its sometimes taking 4-5 shots to get a kill i remember the good old days of cod4 hardcore where one shot did the job

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