Here are some thing to fix in future patches please and a rant

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Here are some thing to fix in future patches pleas...

Now dont get me wrong. I am a big fan of the COD series. My favorite so far is Black ops. Even though the issues with lag / compensation did happen in the game, it did not ruin my gameplay experience because it was rare to be a gamebreaking issue.

But now its been a few days of playing MW3 I feel I have found a few things subpar or su-subpar with the game.

Clan Tags - I dont know if you have noticed but people with "button clan tags" are back.Is it a hack ? . But if I am wrong about THIS part, I apologize.

Playertags - So now we cant see them ? So if I want to view a players stats I have to now leave the game and search for their name in elite ??

Report Feature - Why no more report feature ? So the players that ARE actually boosting, modding, etc get to run free ? I mean seriously having a anti-cheat system setup in black ops was fine, we had the report button to back it up. Even then people who boosted got away with it until someone posted it on the forum and Mattks said "send me an email". So now we can see someone blatantly boosting in theater but cant do anything about it. thats not too bad but when you add in the fact that anti cheat software can only do so much, what then ? Or How do you people see it ?

Theater mode - so now on other players than ourselves we can only see them in thrid person. If you want to watch someone else you have to actually control the camera angle constantly. So its a video game inside a video game. Please bring back first person on all people.

Lag/ compensation - So I have been told the setting is permanently local now. I am getting into games with under 50 second PINGS and I am getting lag shooting issue on more than one third of the shootouts. Black Ops it was once per every few games. Dont say its my network settings because my Xbox and all the other players games have 50 ping or less. Considering I have quality connections. I hate to say it but I agree with the people about the lag / compensation on this one. Black Ops WAS better anytime I try to stab someone it takes halfa second for the player to act.

Flinching - flinching when getting shot in this game is constant untill you are dead. No chance on getting a shot off. But when I am hitting someone else they still can get in one shot or more to kill me.

Kil Confirm - To the people new to this type of game (everybody)... When you kill someone GET THE TAGS. More than half the time a player will kill someone from 5 feet away and try not to run into the tags and keep going the other way. The same happens when you see red tags, GET THE TAGS. The game is not based on your KD ratio but is based on you Confirming Your Kill. And these are not people using tags for strategy, these are people that seem not to know. When your buddy dies right next to you dont keep staring out the window. Get His Tags.

Custom Classes - Somewhere is a MAJOR bug in the game where you make a custom class and play it, then go back to the dashboard when you want a break. The minute you come back , your custom class has changed. sometimes completely.

Survivor Mode - the guys are idiots. Its like playing Combat Training on Easy Mode. The rest of it is pretty cool though.

COD Elite - (not going to point the blame for it being down. Its a brand new thing with 5 million people all trying to get in at the same time. Good news it is getting closer everyday). But what IS an issue is do you REALLY need a choice in the game that says to go back to the Dashboard and start Elite ? And why not let us access it from in game ?

Promise to curb campers - Now I dont mind campers, but in this game its ten times worse. They said each map would have at MAX 5 camping spots and I count more like 50 on each map. Someone made false promises.

Map setup - They stated the maps are not going to be very vertical like other Black Ops or MW2 maps to increase gameplay speed. Well most of the maps a highly vertical.

Grenade damage - When you throw a stun grenade it is suppose to slow a player down evn slightly. In this game its about a 1 in 20 chance of slowing a player down at all even when you get the hitmarker. And what is the deal with you all of a sudden getting blown up and flying 100 feet and you never saw anything coming ?

Spawning - Spwaning in this game is really bad. At least in TDM mode and KC mode. Havent played any other modes yet.

Dashboarders - As soon as the host dashboards, the game goes black. Nothing at all. Two minutes later I have to go back to the dashboard or stay in Limbo.

There are alot of very nice things in the game, but the above things really ruin it. Glad I bought BF3

Just kidding. One of the things that makes this one great is the weird killstreaks . As wells as some of the toys in it. The sentry gun kilcam looks really cool and the little heli does too. Have only seen the mobile sentry on the first game, but couldnt play at all. The only real reason I posted this was for intellectual input and not a hatefest.

Forgive the typos and such, I am on really good back pain medication.

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I disagree with almost everything you said besides the spawning and flinching. I find that campers are almost non-existant and the maps i don't find to be very vertical.

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Re: Here are some thing to fix in future patches p...

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Maybe I misworded the map verticle part.

The devs preview on MW3 maps said the maps were going to be more flat and you wouldnt have to look up as much. They bascially said the mps would be more flatter and not have 2 story buildings such as MW2. They stated that this game would be more of a run and gun style game.

But playing Kill Confirmed thats all there is are campers. Every ten feet you have either a corner or something to hide behind. But that could also be my issue because I am still not used to all the hiding spots on the maps. I lso dont remember maps in the previous games that were so cluttered. you spend 90 percent of the time in this game jumping. And some of the places you could stay there forever without getting killed.

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Share some of those back pain meds?  well done rant.  I agree with most of it.  at least it wasnt a big whine fest!

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Midol with a swig of Boones Strawberry Hill  add to that a sleeping pill . I can only take one half a sleeping pill cuase it knocks me out and I cant move a muscle for the next 24 hours. Or at least thats how I get out of having to get off the couch

Seems like the girls get all the good medication. Been taking three or four Midols a day til the muscles in my back relax. Or until 28 days comes around.

Tried to make Stove Top last night and made stuffing soup. So my wife bought a ham us to eat since it came with a free turkey. We are going to get the same thing right before Thanksgiving. At least the ham is pre cooked so I dont burn down the house.

Al the perks, upgrades, etc make this a great game. The only reason it doesnt top Black Ops is because its harder to get used to. Plus because you know the first week or so its going to be modder central until the patches start rolling out.I cant wait til I get to the point where I can have two primary weapons. I am going to be tubin all over the map.

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I saw the button clan tag thing, reported that guy through the Xbox Dashboard menu.

The report feature is available in the lobby, I found out.

I agree the about the maps.  I would also like to add, what is the point of including sniper rifles in this game when there are little to no long engagement opportunities.  Where are the larger maps??

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To address some of your rantings.....

Clan tags are not a hack. You can do it in the clan tag editor.

I can see all important player stats in the lobby leaderboards and baracks.

Wanna stop flinching? Use the weapon proficiency. I dont really see a big problem with it

Kill Confirmed....every game I have played people play it correctly. Don't know what you are talking about. People have to rush to get the tags, so camping is almost non existent when I play.

CoD Elite is a seperate application and is not on the disk. That's why you must leave the game. It's not a big deal.

Camping is extremely difficult this game. You can get rushed from every direction. Try to camp in one spot for a whole game against decent players. It's impossible. There will always be spots to camp on any map, unless it is completey open. Camping has been severely reduced now.

The maps are fine.

Stuns DO slow down people, and when you go flying it is a bouncing betty. Put on sitrep and see for yourself.

I'm not sure why you have all these problems...I have experienced none of them, aside from the occasional bad spawn, which will happen. I suggest playing with a clan.

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I dont know if you know how to read or not because you definitely dont knoew how to understand.

I already said this was for INTELLIGENT conversation and it is my THOUGHTS on the game.

There is no reason for you to come in and ridicule my OPINION. You dont have to come in here throwing you your high and mighty attitude all around acting like a little Hitler. with your "Oh it doesnt exist" BS attitude.


"Kill Confirmed....every game I have played people play it correctly. Don't know what you are talking about. People have to rush to get the tags, so camping is almost non existent when I play."

as for something you dont see then you are blind as a bat. I even stated that I have seen a lot of players kill and walk away from the tags. Do you want some game videos to prove it. My statement was that some people DONT know how to play the game. its like some people think "Oh I cant get the red tag because its red". Even my wife saw it many times and said something and shes new at the game.

"I'm not sure why you have all these problems."

Where did I say I am having these "problems" ? I said I have a few things I find subpar with this game. Its called an opinion.

You may think I am insulting you well you already insulted me. You didnt take time to actually listen to what my opinion was. But immediately you started pointing out my faults.

Another example Did you notice when I mentioned the clan tags ? Did I say for a FACT that they were hacks. You will notice I was unsure and put an apology if I was wrong.

Did you notice that FTR94 disagreed with most of my opinion but didnt attack me for it ?

Maybe you should try doing the same. And dont assume like you do that I dont play in a clan, I play the game with lots of freinds. Some of them are die hard COD fans like Foxhound and some are terrible at the game like me.

I am not some 12 year old posting a "I hate COD and am going to throw it out the window" post. I made an intelligent post based on my opinion of what I see. If you noticed I even said I love the COD series and didnt cry out "This is the third time I bought your peice of crap" post. I stated their were cetain things I love about MW3

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As for the clan tag hack some guy in another thread named doolyD found this link!/ATVIMikey

If you cant see it, search the page for the word tampering.

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Well written post, starbuckfrack. I play a lot of kill confirmed and have seen many of my teammates run right by tags, both ours and the other teams. Not in every game, though. I just try to run up to those tags as fast as I can, then

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