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Is CCP = Corner Camper Podcast?

I've heard it a couple of times and I actually wrote in to try and pull a guest appereance which would be 110% amazing but the thing is you guys record on Saturdays and during the weekends I am away and can't game at all much less participate in that type of activity :'( I wish I could really... that is such an amazing Podcast.

Yes pulling host does drop your frame rate somewhat and yes I've had the bad luck to pull Host on Carbon, but if I'm host I just know I won't be able to go town during that game so I play less agressive and far more conservative... I don't run into the middle of the map and I avoid sprinting at all costs... I don't camp but I do move very slowly through out the entire map... otherwise you die before you even notice xD

Most areas are Close Quarters yes, so they have a huge advantage but they also have a huge disadvantage... they don't have a BRAIN!! xD

So everytime I hear FMG9s close by or see them on the radar I try to think where I'll be able to catch them off guard... it's really more of a predator game than it is a straight up fight.. you can't beat FMG9s up close so you might as well wait for them to turn their backs and knife them.

I honestly just wait for the right moment, or surprise them by coming off a corner and knifing them in the face before they pull the trigger.

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We have been recording on non-Saturdays lately Blade. If you are still interested, I can find out when we will be recording and get back to you.

I try to play smarter as host, but I notice that even when I engage players at a distance, I suffer from a frame rate drop that makes it impossible to adjust to them moving. I look like a total scrub on my screen as I aim at them and fire a whole clip but can't put a bullet on target.

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OMG I'm 100% interested... please let me know when you guys are going to record and I'll make a huge effort to be on at that precise time!!

Yes Host really is a bummer to pull but like you said, yes I do not pull host as often as most players 3/10 games isn't a lot so I can't really comment on host issues.

But yeah leet me know... you have no idea how much I appreciate you inviting me as a guest on your show.

I know you are probably thinking I'm like 12-15 or something, but I'm 22 years old and a college student, so you won't get any squeaky surprises from me.

Thanks again!! Let me know how I can contact you, or what you need from me to get a hold off.

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I love this game

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Graphic and content-wise, MW3 Wii has been a huge success. But lately the hackers have been driving me up the wall!

Campaign/Survival Mode time for me...

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Figures, I went over and played a few games and we ended up in a HC TDM where we thought someone was hacking.. A minute later, our whole side was falling through and out of the map.  Pulling up the menu/map and we were all completely off the map.  At one point, I dropped through the floor and continued falling what looked like a mile underneath the map and then I was just stuck there until the match ended... Of course, the doucenozzles start talking right away saying "why did you stay in the match if you know we are hacking".  I told them to stfu for a second and when I got a moment to speak I told them to try the advanced version of the game one day and just play without hacks.. you might have fun.. He shut up for some reason so we just left. 

I can appreciate what Grom deals with while hosting... I used to have that problem before they released the last patch but I have to be honest that I'll pull host 4-5/10 games and don't have any trouble like that anymore.. wonder why it continues to happen to others.  Playing with that frame-rate issue makes the game completely unplayable.  I've been there, and the patch came out just in time to save me from inserting the game disc into my shredder.  Hosting private lobbies was usually not an issue so hopefully you can go back to having fun in the league you mentioned.

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I pull host 9.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 games.....I DIDN'T PAY 55 DOLLARS TO BE A VOLUNTEER HOST INFINITY WARD.

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momskirbyok wrote:

I pull host 9.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 games.....I DIDN'T PAY 55 DOLLARS TO BE A VOLUNTEER HOST INFINITY WARD.

Just look at my name, thats how much lag I get from being host.

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@bladex, I like your style man. I also don't find this game as horrible as it is portrayed on these forums. Are there issues? Sure but I play through them and still find plenty of enjoyment.

@Kirby, other people didn't pay their $55 to have you use hacks against them in public matches but you chose to do it anyways. Ever heard of a thing called karma? Personally out of everyone complainingg on these forums you have the least right to complain after you chose to ruin other people's enjoyment for your selfishness. At least that is my opinion. The sad thing is that I used to respect you until I learned that you were hacking in pubs, now I wouldnt urinate on your face if it was on fire.

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Thanks godsmack!

I hope I can spread this attitude a little more, I grew into this type of personality because when I was young I would blame everything but me every single time, nothing was ever my fault and of course I never improved, even though I had "some" talent I never exceled because of my crappy attitude, but my father and age have taught me that I should always aim to improve even if something that I really couldn't have controlled happened.

ie: If it rains while I'm in the middle of my golf tournament with no thunder, I have to be 100% ready to play with rain.

So yes, I have gotten used to playing through issues, while this is just a game it definitely tells what a person is made off.

see you guys later

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